Why Should You Develop a Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Store?

The growth of ecommerce has led the online business owners to expand their reach through mobile apps. Android and iPhone are the most commonly used platforms by the customers of today. According to Tech Crunch, $771 million revenue was earned from mobile customers on the Thanksgiving Day. Such researches prove that if you want to promote visibility and sales, having an ecommerce website is not enough. For several reasons, mobile apps are a better option as compared to the websites browsed on mobile and desktop.

5 Latest Odoo Apps to Enhance Your Ecommerce Store

A perfect ecommerce store is the one which is robust, has a sophisticated design and runs smoothly. Online store owners are always on the lookout for modules that can integrate easily with their ERP and Customer Management systems. Odoo Ecommerce is a very popular framework as it can be easily integrated with other Odoo business apps. And due to the extraordinary conveniences and features it offers, it has witnessed a noteworthy growth in the Asian and European markets in the past couple of years.

Magento Multilingual Translation: Is Google Translator Enough?

The advent of Ecommerce has changed everything. Price comparisons, 24 hours convenience, one click shopping, rapid delivery right at your doorstep and what not! Having a good product and displaying it online definitely maximizes the shopping experience. But what about the information displayed on the store which influences people to make a buying decision? Should it be displayed just in one language? Although English is a universal language, it ranks third (after Chinese and Spanish) when it comes to the most widely spoken languages.

What Are Patient Portals and How Can They Transform Healthcare Industry?

SugarCRM WordPress customer portal allow your customers to access and manage their details through an integrated system which connects WordPress and SugarCRM.

How Can Restaurants Benefit by Integrating Surveys to Their CRM Software?

For any business to thrive amongst the competitors, customer relationship has to be maintained. When your business has expanded across different domains, it becomes difficult to keep in touch with all the customers and know about their preferences. This is when Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes to your rescue. Restaurant industry is an area … Continue reading How Can Restaurants Benefit by Integrating Surveys to Their CRM Software?